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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  March 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good tuesday morning to you. a look in downtown san francisco. it's dry right now but rain is coming for the morning commute and even more so for the evening commute. >> we'll be keeping track to see if it causes any problems. still pretty quiet. >> also this morning, japan's nuclear crisis heads toward catastrophe as an explosion rocks a third plant. >> in the bay area, new violence hits san francisco's mission district, five people are shot inside a bar located right next to a company. >> and it's d-day for pg&e, today is the deadline for the company to prove to state regulators that railroad levels
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in the gas lines are safe. that pressure levels in the gas lines are safe. >> let's find out. mike? >> we'll start with live doppler 7 hd. you can see the scattered rain mainly along the coast and into the north bay. let's start in the north bay and show you how it's all over 101, 29 and all of those areas. traffic is scattered but enough to make the roads slick this morning. you see around the bay, mainly san mateo, foster city, san bruno, even belmont, hillsborough getting a little rain. down to the south, pretty quiet. let's zoom on out, got a cold front coming in from the north. i'll tell you how much to expect in the neighborhood in a minute. first, let's check about traffic. >> good morning everyone. >> with light showers don't seem
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to be causing problems right now. here is the way you make your ways to san mateo. live doppler 7 hd showing showers and road work on 880 through hayward. also we'll check out contra costa county, so far it's really light as you make your way southbound and in the south bay a live shot pretty nice ride through 280 and 17 interchange. road work going on in south bay. we begin in japan as radiation concerns heightening. there is a glimmer of hope. rescuers have found a 70-year-old woman alive in the rubble four days after the quake and tsunami. she was found inside her home which was washed away by the waves. today, japan ordered 140,000 people to seal themselves
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indoors to protect themselves from radiation sickness. it came after a new fire led to increasing levels of radiation spreading from four reactors of fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. they warned residents to stay indoors. they say the levels are not stable but could be dangerous after prolonged exposure. in tokyo there is slightly elevated levels but it's considered too small to threaten the 39 memorial people that live there. from the latest, here is the reporter by telephone. >> this is country that has been on edge since the massive quake but word of another explosion at fukushima daiichi brought concerns to new lel. it occurred at the second reactor at 6:00 in the morning and it sparked immediate concern because that reactor out of all three was the most seriously
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damaged. crews have been working around the clock to kill the reactor to kill it with sea water, efforts failed this time. emergency workers were withdrawn from the plant and they were told to evacuate immediately. prime minister on a nationally televised address said that evacuations are in place and stay indoors and monitor radiation levels. officials are quick to point out they are only at dangerous levels in areas of close proximity of the plant. meantime, further north, it's a 24-hour operation to rescue survivors from the tsunami. some are reporting they cannot handle all the dead body. they are running out of food and water. >> nuclear engineers at u.c. berkeley have been helping counterparts in japan and monitoring the situation closely.
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the explosion in unit 2 came a surprise to them because they knew a previous explosion had destabilized the plant. they want to calculate how much sea water is needed but one expert says not to be alarmed at radiation levels around the plant. >> when you talk about radiation levels which are several times allowable, that is still very low. >> the professor says yesterday's radiation stabbing reached 800 millirems per hour. police are investigating a shooting that injured five people in a bar in the mission district. it happened late last night at 16th and valencia street. shots rang out their the mission bart station and about a block from the popular restaurant.
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they say one person suffered life-threatening years. all five have been taken to the hospital. there has been two other shootings in the mission district this month. we'll have a live report coming up in the next half hour-hour. >> a man is in custody this morning. a gunman barricaded herself in bank of america branch yesterday afternoon. he locked himself in sign. he posted signs in the windows detailing grievances with the bank of america. after several hours of negotiations, police convinced him to surrender. no one was hurt. >> it's 6:36. today is pg&e's deadline to provide documents to state regulators verifying the pressure levels in the entire system are safe. part of that process involves 300 workers sifting through thousands of boxes of documents
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in daly city. it follows the september 9th san bruno explosion that killed eight people and destroyed three dozen homes. state puc could order them to do time consume tests. hundreds of south bay teachers and personnel may be without jobs. already cut programs could be hit harder unless more money gets directed to schools by tax cuts or reducing spending in other areas. in one school district, one counselor could be assigned to 2,000 students. here is sample. in the san jose unified school district, is 54 people, next highest is amlul rock is 102 and coupe teen other follows and berryessa with 66. >> local agencies overseeing the
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49er stadium project will hold a public hiring on proposed ordinances from stopping the state from regulated funds. they want to redirect is on million in redevelopment money. the governor wants to abolish the local redevelopment agency and use the money saved to help deal with budget deficits. shifting the fund would prevent the state from taking the money away. >> it's 4:38, time to talk about weather and traffic. >> it's a little dry. a few sprinkles, but just a little bit. >> mike, it could catch us coming and going today. >> i got caught with a little bit, too. it rained on some parts of the commute during the overnight hours. here is one of the cells down in san mateo so if you are traveling from the east bay to the peninsula on the san mateo bridge you will run into rain as you head into santa clara,
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peninsula avenue, redwood shores parkway, those areas are getting wet. let's talk about what is going on over the past two hours, you can see an increase in the moist flow. it's go going to increase our rain chances as we head through the morning into afternoon. temperatures are a little bit cooler than yesterday. most areas still very mild when you step outside. all of us mid to upper 50s. so even with the increase in clouds and the rain, low to mid 50s especially around the bay and east bay, last years areas to see the rain. up in the north bay, upper 50s to low 60s in the afternoon hours. as far as the forecast for the next seven days, showers are possible wednesday and thursday which means the rain won't be as heavy or as widespread. friday the rain comes back, so do the cooler conditions. scattered showers throughout the weekend, spring begins on sunday and it will not feel like it with highs in the 50s. >> still pretty quiet.
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look on out for wet conditions san mateo, san mateo bridge, looking good. north bay shot, mike showed light rain falling in the north bay. so far, no problems as you make the drive on southbound 101 in santa rosa all the way down to san rafael and continues to look good across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. here is a live shot, really not that much this morning. and south bay, 101, northbound at this time, delay free out of morgan hill all the way up the peninsula. thank you so much. it's 4:40. >> still ahead, thieves target schools, stolen computers and destruction they left behind. >> and the hearing today that could change the way san
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good tuesday morning. 4:42 and at traffic on the bay bridge. incline section we're calling it lately. >> it's not incline village. >> but things are moving along really well but there is some rain in the forecast. we'll see how it could affect your commute coming up. >> and voting procedure goes before a u.s. appeals court. hearing to determine whether the procedure is constitutional is expected to be expedited because of upcoming elections for a new city mayor. it could be the first test of the voting in a competitive contest. under it, voters lift the first, second and third choices. if no candidate gets a majority on the first time around, it's redistributed.
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volunteers spent last saturday to improve a east oakland school yard. what student saw when they came to school was heartbreaking. cecilia vega reports. >> volunteers spent saturday morning painting this east oakland school yard, a place where plenty of pride to go around but not much money for anything else. what they took is worth tens of thousands of dollars and so much more. there was a bank of knew computers ripped right off the desk my the principal's office, a safe was gone. a phone system all stolen. >> some things were taken but they were breaking stuff for fun. >> 30 rooms vandalized. windows smashed, practically the whole building ransacked.
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many believe it was an inside job. thieves broke in through a window above the teachers' lounge and seemed to know exactly what they were looking for. it's been a rough year of teaching. budget cuts and shootings in the neighborhoods, repeated break-ins and now this. >> it rough for them. it's like their sanctuary. now, they realize maybe it's not a safe place anymore. >> school workers say there has been ten break-ins in the school site alone forthree years. there is no money for round the clock security. there is one police officer to patrol all 100 school sites in the oakland school district in the after hours. >> coming up. security breach that could put millions of people for identity
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♪ feed your fiesta. looks pretty mild across most of the country. we are above freezing everywhere cool spot, fargo and warm spot phoenix, 89. if you are traveling to the east coast, it's a little cooler, 44 in boston, 51 in d.c. check out the airports, everything is running fine at major airports. we do have rain bearing down on on atlanta and charlotte and seattle and portland. flight tracker any time you travel by plane.
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japan has ordered 140,000 people to seal themselves indoors today to protect themselves from radiation sickness. that order came after a new fire led to increasing levels of radiation spreading from four reactors from fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. they say levels are not stable but they can be dangerous after long time exposure. they found a 70-year-old woman alive four days after the disaster struck in the northeastern part of the country. woman was found certify her house that had been washed away by the tsunami. >> many bay area residents who were in japan during the earthquake are back home. some returned on schedule, others cut their vacation short. people returned with stories. they had just arrived in tokyo when the earthquake hit.
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their vacation was supposed to last three weeks but three days in the trip they decided to go home because they were scared. >> the disaster could happen at any moment because the aftershocks kept coming. throughout the whole weekend, it stopped but there it kept coming. >> they returned yesterday from his business from tokyo. he said many store shelves were empty. >> a daly city driver is now going to court in hopes of getting red light cameras banned. he was caught in a red light camera in the intersection of john daly boulevard and panchetta heading east. there is no notice of red light camera coming up. you may remember thousands of tickets were dismissed in south san francisco because the city failed to give adequate notice of red light cameras. now, his attorney says using a camera to cite him violates his
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sixth amendment right to question witnesses in court. >> what we need is testimony from somebody who can say that the photograph is an accurate representation of what is shown in the photograph. >> the case goes trial on april 1st. ruling could have an affect on red light cameras statewide. people who have received citations will be watching it very careful. i'm sorry. did you get one of those citations? is it you, is it me? no. >> red light camera but it's not that clear a lot of times and. and officer you don't have a chance to say this is what
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necessity saw. >> a happy place. find that happy place. >> once you help her, i'll tell you what is going on. kind of talk softly for a minute while kristen decompresses. i'm going to move afarther away from her. it is dry right now as we look at the embarcadero and bay bridge off in the distance but live doppler 7 hd, showing radar returns especially across the north bay, scattered once in the higher elevations as you head out into the central valley and along our coast. that eventually will march ashore. you are going to get wet at some time, the key to the forecast. look at these temperatures, mid to upper 50s until you get down in the 60s. we have in south bay, 56 in santa cruz. everybody else around the monterey bay, 50 degrees. rain today, heaviest this afternoon, that mosquito to the
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forecast. showers, not quite as wet tomorrow or thursday. periods of rain, it will be chilly friday, saturday and sunday. today, we'll be in the mid-50s around clearlake, everybody else had the upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. around the bay and into the east bay and south bay, we'll have low to mid-60s. a few drops possible around the monterey bay and inland. we have mid-60s for you. tonight, mild with rain ongoing, low to mid 50s in most off our neighborhoods. he a look at the setup. warm front, this warm air mass that brought us the drizzle. this will lift this and create heavier rain. when it's going to do that and where, 7:00 in the morning, we look up in the north bay, heaviest rain will move through there around noon and 1:00 and the front will slide across the bay area about 6:00. heaviest rain moving into the bay into the south bay. by tonight we get a little bit
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of a lull, light rain will develop for tomorrow morning and we may get a break in the afternoon by wednesday. we'll see scattered showers develop for thursday and next system comes in from alaska and we have scattered showers saturday and sunday. >> hi, mike. it's still pretty quiet. that is good news. live shot bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving smoothly across into san francisco. interstate 880 in berkeley, no problems on interstate 880 in the bay area. westbound traffic, headlights look good toward the maze. san mateo bridge, we'll show you a live shot, as we saw earlier, there is light rain falling on the san mateo side of the bridge. so far traffic is still flowing well out of hayward. also mass transit off to a good start. no problems this morning on bart
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and h-train has left tracy on time. check traffic whenever you want by going to if your health insurance company, you are sensitive personal data may be compromised. health nut can't account for several hard drives. officials believe they contained health records, financial information and social security numbers for nearly two million people. the managed care company says if the drive was stolen but offering two years of credit monitoring. san francisco in muni will decide tomorrow if they need to look for a new boss. they will hold a special meeting to decide whether to look for a new executive director. the current chief is the leading candidate to run the washington, d.c. airport authority.
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san francisco supervisors committee is voting on a key move to help twitter headquartered in the city. popular lar site is exploring a few miles south of brisbane where there is no payroll tax they want a six year payroll tax break but all businesses that move into the area. opponents say twitter wealthy investors don't need a break. >> next, gang fight allegations being made against the lawyers defending they say are gang members. >> and on the hunt, five people are shot at a mission district bar. >> more than a hundred thousand japanese residents are ordered to stay in their homes after a new fire at a japanese nuclear reactor. the very latest on the changing situation coming up.ñi
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this is a live look at the embarcadero where it is dry right now but not all of us are that lucky for the morning commute. i've got some rain and more on the way in the forecast. >> keeping track of the rain and causing any problems for drivers. so far, not a problem. here is a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, very light traffic this morning. >> i'm janelle wang live in san francisco, more violence in the mission district. this time five people shot in a very popular area of the mission st


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